Obi Worldphone Story

SANSO Smartphones are set out to change the way we think of Smartphones.

For many years the smartphone has commanded a hefty price tag. Carrying around a mini super-computer packed with technology, but didn't come cheap. Soon we spent more on Smartphones than any other consumer goods allowing the big phone brands to overwhelm us with marketing every day to convince us to pay more.

More recently we have seen an explosion in the entry-priced tier.

We all like things to be cheap, but also don't want to compromise on Quality, Design, Security and Attractive features unless we soon realize there are significant compromises to swallow. Sure enough, all too often these devices look the same with inferior materials, cheap plastic cookie-cutter designs and lacking any redeeming qualities beyond spec and price.

We didn’t like this tradeoff one bit.

Then we thought, it really doesn’t have to be this way. Enter SANSO Mobiles Here you are seeing classic top cutting edge eye catching Metal Frame and Glass designs and lucrative material to make you feel the executive essence of smartphone usage with innovative technology and Security without compromising on quality, design and roof breaking price.

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We asked ourselves an important question:

"What if we took a luxury, design-led approach to the entry-level smartphone market?"

So right from the start, SANSO set out to create a smartphone differentiated by elegant design with no compromise on performance and Motivation for new technology and innovative experiences.

SANSO Smartphone - a beautiful, high-quality and high-value companion for living and best suitable for all classes of users.

Designed with you in mind
  • That's right! Born and Grew Up in Europe, having a leverage of a Metropolitan Cultural exposure, where we understand the needs and essence of Demographics and design SANSO Products by keeping this in mind as a very important factor. SANSO is a pure expression of what to expect from the world's most innovative place in terms of fashion and technology blend.

    Actually, it's much more than a place - it's a mindset.
    It’s about challenging the norms, disrupting the established players and finding new, better ways to do things.

    It summed up our mission it is simple as :

    Think   |   Innovate   |   Create   |   Inspire   |   Spread   |   Expect More   |   Reach Higher   |   Step Ahead

And now, "Designed in GERMANY" can be found on the back of every SANSO Smartphone. It’s something we’re proud of and means you can expect a world class, original and distinctively designed smartphone that is ready to accompany you on any path you choose.

It wasn't long before we had designs so sexy they made us blush. Now all we needed to bring it to you to make you special and really smarter with SANSO SMARTPHONES.

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The SANSO Smartphone difference

As the saying goes, nothing worth having ever comes easily. When we first set out to make our SANSO Smartphone designs the product engineers thought we were crazy. Fast forward to today and they 100% know we are crazy.

Crazy about every detail, every curve, every screw, every material, color, fit and finish.

Every nuance over-looked by others; either considered "inconsequential" or simply because when it comes to manufacturing it's always easier to say "that’s good enough". SANSO Smartphone understands that ‘good enough’ is the death of greatness.

With over a thousand individual design decisions on every SANSO Smartphone, you can multiply the difference between ‘just right’ and 'good enough' by over 1,000 times. That soon adds up to something very tangible, a noticeable enhancement in quality.

We call these our "critical non-essentials", no single decision is essential in isolation but cumulatively they become absolutely critical to the end result. We choose to distinguish ourselves by Innovation in Design, Technology & Security of our user's privacy & their data protection.

That's the SANSO Smartphone's difference of Legacy from others.

We dared to dream…
We dared to be different…
We dared to challenge convention by Innovation…
We dared to dream of something original but innovative…

SANSO Smartphone is for those who......
stay True to Themselves and are smarter to choose the right technology…

Who Live to Compete......Change The Rules of the Game and make their own legacy symbol

Who "live their dreams today"

Who Crave for "WOW" not for just "GOOD" but the "BEST"

Dare to join us on this journey & Be a part of this LEGACY of SANSOISM